From the videoclip “Friends” by Loredana, INCURVA, Favignana 2017

Loredana’s bio, 2017, copies, 21 x 29,7 cm

Cabaret and Concert by Loredana, HfbK Hamburg 2017

Loredana at the top of the Stromboli, October 2017

Reading at Karl Holmqvist’s Kapalbhati, Gavin Brown’s enterprise, Rome

Loredana is looking for young aspiring dancers for the missing scene of the final ballet in her videoclip “Friends”, INCURVA, Favignana, 2017

Loredana at the top of the Stromboli, October 2017


“Can I have some chips with the aperitivo?”

One of the first experience Loredana had as adult in the world, was working as a waitress in some bars. “If you can’t deal with bars, you can’t deal with the city” someone told her. She wanted to learn how to be serious with that kind of intelligence that only mature people with experience and problems have. Though she hid her claws and smiled when dropping her CVs off, it was not easy to find a job. As soon as the employers found out that she didn’t have normal arms and was not able to serve at the tables, they just sent her away in the rudest ways. When managers and bartenders humiliated her making clear jokes around her claws she pretended not to suffer and smiled instead. She appeared just in the way she didn’t want to, a weak girl who cannot stay in the world. Yet, she could not accept to live in the city without knowing how to handle it, so she kept working hard on her research. One day she found a place in a fancy café where famous football players and TV showgirls used to hang out. When Loredana introduced herself to the manager he went nuts for her right away: her claw-hands were the most funny thing he ever saw. He called all the staff members and they died laughing as they saw her claws. She immediately got the job. Soon Loredana became an attractive phenomenon. Voices spread in town and she got so famous that even tv and newspapers came to pay her a visit. Loredana, the waitress with claws, was the most requested waitress in town. They loved to ask her to bring the aperitivo with a lot of chips, that she barely could serve properly. Loredana liked to be liked by TV celebrities, but as soon she understood that the more ridicule she was and the less sexy she would appear, she realized that this would keep her away from finding love.

“Being Sexy = Finding Love = Getting Married = Having a Family = ok = The world loves you.” Love was what she wanted.

She decided to quit her job.

"Laughing or Crying with (Loredana) a female Clown", by Beatrice Marchi, Hamburg HfbK MA thesis, 2017

Chamomile Therapy by Loredana, 2018, Performance, chamomile dried flowers, water, Loredana’s claws; Approx. 30 minutes, Performance Space New York, New York